Webmaster tools - This page informs Kitchen Page editors who publish content about advanced editor functions. These functions help Kitchen Page editors bind their content ready for use on other websites they administer.

The following Kitchen Page Editor site Links and Page Image Viewer controls are simple examples of the interface provided by the Kitchen Page server for use by publishers on their own websites, with attribution.

Use of any Server interface, or Kitchen Page Server interface controls is limited to active Editors who comply and agree to the terms of service provided to all Kitchen Page Editors during the publishing processes. Use is limited to DEFAULT or One active Kitchen Page editor and publisher nic name/account.

These controls and generated software code or weblinks are not freeware but may be used as a guide to develop your own controls and API gagdets. Permission is given for free limited use of code to function as-is without modification for the express use of Kitchen Page Editors who publish content.

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