Advertisment - Head Script & Inline page ads; Allows Ad markup code and space for users of online Ad servers.

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To use Advertisment code on a Kitchen Page the code must be uploaded beforehand by using the Ads manager. Readonly review windows are shown during page editing as a tool for inspecting the pre-uploaded Advertisment javascript code before use in the public domain, from a Editor published page.

Additional conditions to terms of use, applied for all Editor supplied Ad markup or script

Additional conditions for Ad markup code and Ad markup media use are to guide Kitchen Page Editors in developing a Kitchen Web Page that is ready for the public, search engines, and Ad Providers alike. The additional conditions (below) are required to be abided by when publishing Head Script or Ad markup within a Kitchen Web Page; And to give enhanced value that may help pay Kitchen Page Editors from the earliest time of publishing good original content.
Bad Ads, scripts, services abuse, incorrect use, or issues causing networking problems will result in Page serving capabilities being disabled, and account deletion if required.

Other conditions do apply before publishing any Page, and/or while using 3rd party Primary Ad Providers;
If in any doubt, then please do not use the Advertisment functions of any Kitchen Page.

SEO->Head Script (Advanced)

The Head Script entry point is found within the SEO part of a page. The Head Script is a space for adding JavaScript within a page header. The Head Script SHOULD NOT display until finding document elements, or after a page has finished loading. Any invalid Ad Markup or Script code is deleted from the Head Script entry point.

Advertisment->Ad markup

The Advertisment Ad markup entry point is found within the ADVERTISMENT part at the top of a page, above Page Text & link/s. The Advertisment Ad markup is a space for adding family friendly Ads (Javascript/HTML) within a HTML page body.

Extra Advertisment->Ad markup

The Extra Advertisment Ad markup entry point is found within the EXTRA ADVERTISMENT part at the bottom of a page, below Page Text & link/s. The Extra Advertisment Ad markup is another space for adding family friendly Ads (Javascript/HTML) within a HTML page body.

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